1. Each member can have two front-line distributors (legs) directly under him.
  2. The balance between these two legs holds great importance that also affects the results while members try to earn largest income.
  3. Binary Spillover are appealing and play a crucial role in building the income of members.
  4. With each of the newly added member, all the members in the upline avail some amount of monetary benefits.
  5. The focus of each member is on the profit leg as the income is more dependent on this leg. And with members from spillovers being placed in the power leg.
  6. The plan depends on team effort. With sales from upline members offering some benefits to the downline members, differentiates it from other MLM programs.


  1. MLM plans helps in to make your online business flourishing by leaps & bounds
  2. Right Selection of MLM helps in to make the global presence of business
  3. MLM helps in to heighten the sales and make a blotch in prosperous e-commerce
  4. Multiple options to payment gateway for international MLM clients
  5. MLM business can be promoted through sharing the plans via e-commerce network links
  6. One of the Key attributes of MLM is to grow and e-commerce holds a cluster of people to foster congenial environment for growth
  7. E-commerce traffic can become potential platform for MLM business
  8. MLM business could be promoted through sharing the plan via e-commerce social networking links


  1. Registration -> User can registration here.
  2. Downlines -> User can see or display the number of childs in his downlines.
  3. Account-Display-> Display the User Account details such as order deatails, billing and shipping address etc.
  4. My Networks-> User can display details such as e-mailid ,Name and userId etc.
  5. Shop->user can purchase any product of admin website.


  1. first of all first user register as root or admin of this system.
  2. admin give settings such as
    a. general setting.
    b. Mapping.
    b. eligibility setting.
    c. payout setting.
  3. Product Points-> Admin can check product point get by the users.
  4. Payout Run->user can get product point after purchase product on site.
  5. User Reports-> Admin display the users information.
  6. Payout Report-> Admin display or check payout list of every users.

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