Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager is a package of online application software, that was built to offer a simple application for client management, invoicing, quotation making, and payment tracking.


Easy Invoicing
InvoicePlane makes it easy to create new invoices with some simple clickss: dd saved products, set taxrates and send the invoice via email to the customer from within the app.

Manage your Customers
The application provides CRM-like management for your customers. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields for your own details like project identiefiers.

Quotes for Customers
Send a quote to your client. He can approve it with a single click from the InvoicePlane web-panel so you can start to work on the project or deliver the listed items.

Customize Invoice Plane
You can customize Invoice Plane to make sure it will fit your needs: currencies, application interface, email templates, invoice groups, taxes and quote or invoice templates.

Track all Payments
Enter Payments for Invoices in InvoicePlane and keep track of the clients balance. All payments can be linked to an invoice to track the payments with different payment methods for them.

Auto Sending Mail to Customers
You can send eMail to your customers using this application. After making invoice / quotation you can have to select the customer name and send mail option, after when you’ll click the mail button, mail will be send using customer information book.